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My Saniderm is filled with blood. What should I do?

What Should I Do If My Saniderm Fills With Blood?

When using Saniderm to heal a new tattoo, there’s a good chance that the tattoo will bleed under the wrap and pool with some bodily fluid. It’s totally normal for your Saniderm tattoo bandage to fill with plasma, ink, and blood. You may also see a dark brown liquid that sits on your tattoo under the bandage. 

How much fluid is dependent on a number of factors. In fact, it’s totally normal for your Saniderm to fill with very little or quite a bit of fluid. The body’s reaction to tattooing differs from person to person and tattoo to tattoo. It’s usually not problematic if there is blood under your tattoo bandage. However, understanding what’s happening underneath your bandage will help you make smart decisions when changing or removing it.

What is the fluid your tattoo is weeping?

Throughout the tattooing process, the lymphatic system will rush plasma filled with antibodies to the injured area of the skin, in an attempt to clear out excess ink and jumpstart healing. The tattoo will continue to weep fluid for up to 48 hours after your tattoo session. The fluid is a combination of excess ink, blood, and plasma. 

Fluid build-up under Saniderm

When your Saniderm fills up with fluid, it can look pretty gnarly. However, it is not a cause for concern unless the fluid is leaking out of the bandage or the buildup is excessive.

As long as the seal of the bandage is still intact, you should leave the first Saniderm bandage on for 24 hours. Allowing the bodily fluid to remain on the tattoo will help the skin retain moisture and aid in tattoo healing.

This is all thanks to plasma, which carries important nutrients, hormones, and proteins to the wound site. However, plasma is only viable for 24 hours, so remove the first bandage at the 24-hour mark and apply a new piece of Saniderm.

Don’t forget to clean the tattoo with a mild, glycerin-free cleanser, and if you’re prone to dry skin, apply a tattoo-safe moisturizer like Sanibalm over the area. Avoid applying moisturizer around the edges of the tattoo, as it may affect the adhesion of the bandage.

If your second or third Saniderm bandage is filled with blood, the same rule as above applies. Leave it on and remove it after 24 hours. Tattoos typically stop weeping after 2-3 days, but you can continue using Saniderm to equal a total of 7 days, between all bandage applications. 

What to do if your Saniderm is leaking

If fluid is leaking out of the Saniderm bandage, this indicates a break in the seal of the adhesive. At this point, the tattoo is no longer being protected and is vulnerable to potential contaminants. Remove the bandage, clean the tattoo, and apply a new piece of Saniderm.

Other points to keep in mind

  1. If you accidentally bump your new tattoo with a Saniderm bandage over it, it may begin to weep more heavily. If there is so much fluid buildup under Saniderm that you suspect the bandage may begin to leak or burst, you can remove it and apply a new bandage.
  2. Because a new tattoo is an open wound that is secreting blood and lymph fluid, you may find that your new tattoo smells bad underneath the bandage. This is especially true when using Saniderm, as the bandage allows fluid to pool at the surface of the skin. This is a normal part of the tattoo healing process. 

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Updated on October 20, 2022
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  1. If I take off my first saniderm within the first 24 hour mark, how long can I go before reapplying? I had to remove the first one at work and didn’t have my second one with me so I won’t be able to reapply until I get home. Is it still okay to put on a second saniderm after like 5 hours?

    1. Thanks for reaching out

      You can apply Saniderm within a 48 hour period after receiving your tattoo.

      Thank you,
      Saniderm Support

  2. Is it normal to have no guild at all while using saniderm!? It has been on for 4 days with no noticeable fluid at all.

    1. Thanks for reaching out

      It all depends on the body and the level of saturation put into your tattoo.

      Thank you,
      Saniderm Support

  3. Hi, what do I do if I’m unavailable to get the 2nd application of saniderm or if I don’t have a 2nd piece to put on after I take of the first one?

    1. Thanks for reaching out

      If you don’t have a second piece you should remove the Saniderm at the 24-hour mark. Then continue with traditional tattoo aftercare procedures.

      Thank you,
      Saniderm Support

  4. I have blood pooling under my Saniderm I was told to leave it on for 3 days but it has only been 24hrs. I have read that I shouldn’t keep the saniderm on more then 24hrs if it has blood pooled in it. I do not have another bandage to replace it. Am I ok to remove it for good? I’ve never used one of these lol

    1. Thanks for reaching out

      The recommended instructions are to apply at the finish of the tattoo and leave on for 24 hours. This will fill up with plasma. At the 24 hour mark, remove and wash the tattoo. Once dry, apply a second piece that will stay on for up to 6 days for a total healing time of 7 days. If the tattoo weeps into the second piece of film, follow the above instructions at the next 24 hour period and apply a 3rd piece. The third piece would then stay on for 5 days.

      If you don’t have a second piece of Saniderm, you should continue with traditional tattoo aftercare procedures.

      Thank you,
      Saniderm Support

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