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What Makes Saniderm Better Than Other Aftercare Alternatives?

What makes Saniderm better than other common aftercare alternatives? Saniderm replaces the inconvenient process accompanied with traditional aftercare and promotes the body’s natural healing agents, effectively eliminating the need for tattoo maintenance 3-5 times per day.

Saniderm is easy to use, more comfortable, and more effective than its antiquated tattoo care alternatives. It protects your tattoo from irritants, expedites the healing process, reduces scabbing, and enhances color quality. In addition to that, Saniderm also bypasses many of the pitfalls associated with other commonly used tattoo aftercare products.

Using everyday cleaners and moisturizers as a substitute for tattoo aftercare carries risks with it. And, while they’re effective for many other things, everyday products were never designed with tattoos in mind. Lotions are a common vehicle for bacteria, which can cause allergic reactions, infections, and scabbing; and antibacterial soap can dry out the tattoo and cause bleeding, scabbing, and fading of color. Additionally, antibacterial ointments can cause allergic reactions, discoloration, and excessive oozing. Petroleum-based products contain no direct healing agents at all, and may even drain color.

So, what makes Saniderm better?

Using Saniderm means there is no need to worry about greasy lotions or ointments staining your bed sheets or fussing about your furry friend lovingly brushing up against your fresh tattoo. You won’t have to tote around a mild antibiotic soap and ointments so you can hit a bathroom every few hours to wash and reapply in order to prevent your tattoo drying out. Saniderm takes the “oops” out of tattoo healing.

Have additional questions about Saniderm? Ask our tattoo aftercare knowledge base!

Updated on January 16, 2023
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