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Recommended Use For Saniderm Foam Soap

What kind of Soap should you use for your Tattoo?

You should use a gentle liquid soap such as Saniderm Foam Soap for your tattoos. Before applying, be sure to wash your hands and then your tattoo.

Saniderm Foam Soap is for more than just cleansing, Saniderm Foam Soap nourishes and heals.  Since Saniderm Foam Soap has natural calming effects with lavender and rosemary. We recommend giving the tattoo a final wipe at the end of the tattooing session before applying Saniderm.

Saniderm Foam Soap 32oz needs to be diluted for the intended effect. To dilute 32oz Saniderm Foam Soap, combine a 30 to 1 mixture of water and soap (more water than soap: about 50 ml of soap, 450 ml of water). Dampen a wipe with the diluted solution and wipe the end of the tattooing process, pat dry and apply Saniderm.

Updated on January 16, 2023
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