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Sanibalm: The Alternative to A+D Ointment For Tattoo Care

Why You Should Use an Alternative to A+D

Over the last couple of decades, A+D ointment has become more or less of a household name in the tattoo world. However, for all of its uses in tattoo care, like lubrication during the tattoo process, it has some significant setbacks.

The application process of A+D for tattoos and similar ointments can be counterproductive to healing. It’s important for your fresh tattoos to be able to “breathe” enough for optimal healing to take place. The globby, thick consistency of these ointments can suffocate the pores, which can heavily stifle the healing process.

Additionally, scented ointments, like A+D, also create a scenario where clients with sensitive skin are likely to have unintended reactions, such as rashes and clogged pores.

What Is the Best Alternative to A+D and Ointments Like It?

At Saniderm, our favorite A+D ointment alternative for tattoo aftercare is Sanibalm. Sanibalm is a moisturizing tattoo balm made from the highest quality, natural ingredients. Free from artificial preservatives, parabens, paraffin, gluten, sulfates, and harsh chemicals, Sanibalm is a much healthier alternative to A+D.

Sanibalm utilizes the rare sea buckthorn berry oil, which is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, vitamins, and minerals. Furthermore, sea buckthorn’s impressive nutrient profile nourishes the tattoo from the inside and out. In addition to sea buckthorn, other ingredients include shea butter, coconut oil, and beeswax. These soothing emollients come together to promote skin cell regeneration, increase elasticity of the skin, and help skin retain its natural moisture.

Moreover, Sanibalm is conveniently stored in a twist tube applicator, providing users with a no-mess, effortless application! Sanibalm truly is the best alternative to A+D ointment for tattoo healing, but that’s not all! You can use Sanibalm daily for treatment and prevention of eczema, burns, scrapes, cuts, rashes, psoriasis, and more. Just pull a handy stick of Sanibalm out of your backpack, purse, or your pocket and say goodbye to all your skincare woes.

For more information on how Sanibalm works visit Saniderm’s tattoo knowledge base!

Updated on January 16, 2023
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