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Is It Okay To Get A New Tattoo Wet?

You may find that aftercare instructions can vary from shop to shop. Everyone seems to have their own products and methods which they favor. While recommended products may change depending on where you go, one thing seems to be consistent. You shouldn’t get a new tattoo wet.

Now, you find yourself thinking—okay, great… how do I take a shower?

While you shouldn’t be heading off to the beach or lounging at the pool anytime soon, it is okay to get a new tattoo wet, in moderation. By no means do you have to take the sponge-bath route while your tattoo is healing. Of course, you shouldn’t be soaking in the tub, either.

Tattoo Healing and H2O

When it comes to tattoo healing, keeping the afflicted area moisturized is important, so getting a little water on your ink isn’t going to kill it. In fact, if you opted for traditional healing, you’re going to be washing your tattoo several times a day as it is. The key to washing yourself—and your tattoo—during the early stages of healing is to get it done quickly. Don’t spend an hour in the shower. Get in, get washed, and get out.

If you get your new tattoo wet, it’s not the end of the world. So, there’s no need to panic if you get caught in the rain. As long as you’re not soaking your tattoo, you’re going to be just fine. Allow the tattoo to dry, apply a thin layer of aftercare moisturizer like Sanibalm, and get on with your day.

For those who opted to go with the modernized method of tattoo healing—such as Saniderm—your worries are far less. While you shouldn’t be hopping in a swimming pool, ocean, or lake any time soon, your medical-grade tattoo bandage will prevent any water from encountering your new tattoo.

For more information about getting Saniderm wet, how Saniderm works, and why Saniderm is better than its alternatives, check out Saniderm’s tattoo knowledge base!

Updated on January 16, 2023

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